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Career and Technical Education programs are designed to serve individuals who work in the development field, including teaching at the secondary and post-secondary level and technical industry training. Teacher education degrees and certifications are offered in the following disciplines: Computer and IT training; Business Managment and Administration; Early Childhood Development; Digital Arts; Project Management and Marketing.
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Canada Expat Forum for Expats Living in Canada. The Canada Expats forum is a great place to meet other Expats now living in Canada. Join our Expat community and discuss all issues including living, working, kids, transportation, socialising, eating and buying houses in Canada.

curriculum features

Accurate, Automated Student Evaluation

automated grading leaves instructors with much more time to spend clarifying concepts and aiding individual students.

Day-to-Day Progress Report

Teachers are able to track achievements and progress at will, encouraging learner accountability and helping instructors direct learning to suit individual needs.